A-TEC Ambulance, Inc.

Private Chicago Ambulance Service 

in Northern Illinois


A-TEC Ambulance, Inc. is a private Chicago ambulance company that services seven major hospitals and over 70 nursing homes in the Chicagoland area. A-TEC has on average 35 vehicles on the road daily providing emergency and non-emergency transports.  A-TEC has the ability to provide medical transport to people that can walk or those who are in in wheelchairs all the way to Critical Care requests.  

A-TEC does not stop at just providing high quality emergency trauma and para-transit transports, A-TEC has also partnered with Traumasoft to bring technology into EMS.  The Traumasoft Suit is designed to increase utilization, while decreasing missed opportunities.  The suite allows us to provide for our clients electronic scheduling, real time bed monitoring and cutting edge concierges program.  This allows our client's staff to spend more time focused on patient care then worrying about transportation, allowing for the best and most safe care.

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